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Three days will be able to build a community service station? Believe it or not
Publisher:seven star   Source:   Date:2016-10-13   Clicks: 
September 14, 2016, Premier Li Keqiang in the State Council executive meeting made it clear that the development of assembly type construction, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.
Urumqi Jin Yue Xiang Da Wan CMC community director Pan Ying, before I see the WeChat public platform we push "into seven technology new products - prefabricated integral room" in this article. Director Pan understand the characteristics and advantages of the prefabricated integral room through the text, just the community construction of community convenience policing needs, and then we made contact with the company, the two sides reached a consensus, director Pan hope our company completed construction in three days. Can we finish the project in such an emergency?
The afternoon of September 17th, a wholly owned subsidiary - Xinjiang seven construction funded by the Polytron Technologies Inc Xinjiang Yiyou Construction Engineering Technology Co Ltd is responsible for Zhai Xinming led the workers to Urumqi Bay Management Committee Jinyue Lane community hospital construction began. Workers began to carry out the construction foundation work: put the line, dig the foundation, clean up the construction site, etc.. In order to make it more intuitive understanding of the construction schedule, to share the following construction site photos, come together to see it!
Workers put the line ready to start digging the foundation
The workers are cleaning up the construction site
The basic work is completed, in September 18 time people began pouring the foundation concrete, beam, template and tie bar.
Pouring foundation concrete
Beam and template
The workers are pouring concrete beam and be in full swing.
In September 19th, the workers continue pouring concrete, beam, template, transporting precast concrete work.
The workers are working on the lifting operation
Less site construction personnel, improve the construction safety
In September 20th, workers began installing wall panels and roof panels.
Workers are installing wall panels
Wow! Construction speed can be really fast ah ~
Although it looks simple, fast, but it's practical and advantages, features can be a little discount oh! Prefabricated integral room will always be able to maintain a constant temperature, to be warm in winter and cool in summer; the whole room also has the performance of fireproof, waterproof, anti-theft.
Construction speed is quick to lead all feel incredible!
Factory production, the main body and the decoration simultaneously shorten the construction period, improve the overall quality; the use of prefabricated insulation sandwich wallboard, which increases the service life of buildings, but also avoid the stick two insulation board, thereby saving manpower, etc.. (design service life is 50 years!)
The internal structure, decoration and heat preservation of the computer room have been included, and need not to carry on the two installation.
Only 3 days to complete the construction!
See here, if you are interested in the precast integrated computer room, there is a need to contact us quickly! Cooperation advisory hotline: 3707778 - 0991 to 8090.