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Design Consultation
  • Xinjiang Hexin International Engineering Design Institute
  • Xinjiang Kangju Architectural Design Institute
Engineering design and consulting ,as an newly emerging industry, refers to that a team composed of a group of experts and consultants from the engineering industries ,have a study and discussion and offer the customer/s with their advices and consultation services regarding to the key technical and economic issues at each phase of the design process of a project,Meanwhile, the consulting team is also responsible for :a) executing a all-stages(preliminary stage, design stage and construction stage) project supervision and management  of the project design works according to the requirement of the project to be constructed, as well as the requirement on the project's "three key controls"(control of project quality, project investment and project progress)," two management"( information management  and contract management), and project coordination; b) rechecking, examining the design documents for each stages and correcting any design deviation and error/s; c) making recommendations on optimization design of the project ; d) developing and offering a formal project consultation report.

Xinjiang Kangju architectural design institute (Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1995 with registered capital of RMB 3 million and grade A design certificate in architecture industry. There are 36 employees in the institute, which includes 5 registered architects, 5 registered structural engineers, 12 registered staff of other kinds, 12 senior engineer business core members

In recent 20 years, our institute has taken many civil and industrial architectural design projects and the constructions have spread over all states of Xinjiang and regions of Chongqi with gratifying successes. Adhere to human-oriented principle, our institute improves people’s livelihood. Adhere to scientific development, our institute promotes harmonious development. Adhered to developing the institute through talents, our institute enhances the developing advantages. Adhered to rejuvenating the institute through science and technology, our institute promotes scientific and technological innovation. Our institute has gained a sustainable economic growth and has finished all kinds of projects which counts up to more than 9 million square meters.

Among all kinds of engineering projects that have been finished by our institute, “Baixing Xinfuyuan Residential Community” has won the “Residential Design Excellence Award” and the title “Xinjiang Famous-brand Houses” in 2001; “Kongzhong Huayuan Residential Community” has won the title “Famous Houses of China Real Estate” from CIHAF and “Xinjiang Most Influential Houses Award” from China housing fair in 2004, and the “Scientific and Technological Progress Award” from Urumqi municipal government in 2005; “Baixing Kangcheng Residential Community” has won the title “Famous Houses of China” from China housing fair in 2006; “Kangcheng Guoling Residential Community” has won the “2008 China Best Ecological Houses Award” conferred by China real estate association in 2008

Under the strategic plan of China Western Development and during the large-scale construction and transformation of cities and countrysides, our institute will grasp the chance and keep enhancing the consciousness for the best. Under the frame and the direction of the quality policy of “meticulous design, scientific management, adherence to contracts, satisfying customs”, our institute will be pioneering and innovating as well as keep improving the design ability of our institute to offer more quality design work to the society and customs.