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Company history
In Dec. 1978, Yanqi County Qixing Town Construction Team was established.
In Dec. 1997, Yanqi County 2nd Construction and Installation Company was established.
In Feb. 1998, Xinjiang 亚博yabo88娱乐 Star Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. was established.
In 2004, the company was rated as the Best Outstanding Enterprise in Xinjiang towards China Western Development.
In June 2005, International Engineering Branch was established and it was listed as the best cooperative partner (class A) by the SINOPEC.
In July 2006, the company passed certification of three systems of national quality and environment standard/occupational health/safety management.
In Dec. 2009, Xinjiang 亚博yabo88娱乐 Star Construction & Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
In Jan. 2010, Xinjiang Hexin International Engineering Design & Consulting Co., Ltd. was established.
In Sep. 2012, the company obtained the Qualification Certificate for Contracting Foreign Projects of the People’s Republic of China.
In Jan. 2013, Xinjiang Defeng Lianzhong Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. was established.
In July 2013, Xinjiang Boyu Yiyou Construction Engineering Testing Co., Ltd. was established.
In April 2014, the company was approved to be public listing ofthe National Equities Exchange and Quotations.
In May 2014, public listing of the NEEQ; stock name: SEVEN STAR TECHNOLOGY; code: 430746.